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A Premier Portrait, Fashion & Editorial

Photography Studio



Combining the exciting world of fashion with professional photography services, GMPNY has been running their studio since 2000. With a team of photographers, GMPNY sets themselves apart by offering a one-stop photography shop; managing every aspect of the shoot. Services range from arranging the studio and facilities, to hiring freelancers, and even model castings – each photography service is customizable to suit clients’ needs. Browse our portfolio for previous works and inspiration, and contact the team for more information.

TAY _DSF8060a BY GurberMathews™ GMPNY ©RobertSims 2023
DSCF4631 Xmas PWRSHOOT BY GurberMathews™ GMPNY ©RobertSims 2023_0.5x
Medina By GurberMathews™ ©RobertSims 2023-1798-2807_0.5x
Taniya BY Gurberamathews™ ©RobertSims 2023 DSCF4733
Medina By GurberMathews™ ©RobertSims 2023-1184_0.33x
DSCF4875 Xmas PWRSHOOT BY GurberMathews™ GMPNY ©RobertSims 2023
Kay DSCF3983a GMPNY ©RobertSims 2023
Gucci DSCF6791a Mon'ae Orange SHOOT BY GurberMathews™ GMPNY ©RobertSims 2024_0.5x


Product, Portrait, Fashion, Editorial, Creative

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A Distinctive Style

With years of experience in the industry, Gurber Mathews™ knows how to cater to all clients need. As a bonafide  Photography Studio,  Gurber and his associates are able to tailor any services to suit your needs. If you’d like to learn more about how we can give you exactly what you need, check out our ever-growing portfolio and feel free to get in touch.


Professional Services

GMPNY has been offering a full range of professional services since 2000. The dedicated team works around the clock to guarantee that our clients are truly happy with the final results. We know how to leave a lasting impression on anyone who works with us. 

DSCF9260 Kwik BY GurberMathews™ GMPNY ©RobertSims 2023.jpg


Creative Collaborations

GMPNY has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients, agencies and models across the globe. Below you’ll find a list of the clients that Gurber Mathews Photography has worked with. To schedule a meeting with the GMPNY team,



From Vision to Reality

Looking for an energetic vibe and style that would represent their your clothing brand in an appealing way. Gurber Mathews™ & the GMPNY team is up to the task and are ready to create just the concept you are looking for.

DSCF8717 Mon-Ae BY GurberMathews™ GMPNY ©RobertSims 2023.jpg


A Successful Campaign

Working with clients on projects that take on vivid depictions of past era's was an incredible experience. The  project helped GMPNY gain further recognition in the fashion industry. 

Gucci DSCF6791a Mon'ae Orange SHOOT BY GurberMathews™ GMPNY ©RobertSims 2024_0.5x.jpg
Raven set.jpg


The Finishing Touch

Projects move faster with in-house retouching. The skilled retouchers at  GMPNY are capable of cleaning each image with immense detail. Each client, no matter their position in the industry, is shown the same professional courtesy and care.

DSCF6860 Mon'ae Orange SHOOT BY GurberMathews™ GMPNY ©RobertSims 2024_0.5x.jpg



Not every project is cut and dry, some projects require more or less detail. That why we at GMPNY like to tailor pricing for our specific client needs. We have base prices to ensure the proper preparation and execution of projects.

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